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The kn95 mouth dust face mask authenticity identification method you have to know

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2021/01/20 10:57
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  Don't blindly buy a bunch of masks with unknown protection for hoarding. If you can't buy it, you have to choose. Don't let the inferior masks on the market blind your eyes.

  According to the GB2626-2006 standard for respiratory protection products promulgated by the National Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the National Standardization Management Committee, the production technical specifications of all dust masks must meet the corresponding standards. The standard stipulates the production and technical specifications of respiratory protective equipment, and has strict requirements on the material, structure, appearance, performance, filtration efficiency (dust blocking rate), respiratory resistance, detection methods, product identification, and packaging of dust masks. The material of the dust mask must be non-irritating and non-allergenic to the skin, and the filter material is harmless to the human body; the structure of the dust mask must be convenient to use; the filter efficiency of the dust mask (dust blocking rate), the particle diameter is less than 5 microns The dust rate must be greater than 90%, the dust resistance rate of particles smaller than 2 microns must be greater than 70%, and so on.

KN type is suitable for preventing non-oily dust, such as salt, quarry, etc. The virus is spread by relying on these dust. Therefore, blocking the dust can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. The larger the number in the model, the higher the dust resistance rate and the higher the safety factor.

The GB2626-2006 standard also specifies the standard coefficients of inhalation resistance and exhalation resistance of dust masks. Wearing a dust mask should feel comfortable and be able to exhale and inhale easily and freely without any sense of difficulty in breathing. Normally, the breathing rate is 20 breaths per minute. The constant coefficient of ventilation for expiratory and inspiratory resistance is 85 (±1) liters/min. The standard also stipulates that the product identification must be clear and clear, and the identification must be marked-①name, trademark; ②model (such as KN90, KN95, KP100, so that the purchaser can know which masks are oily/non-oily dust and dust-proof How high is the rate; ③Implement standard number and year number, filter original type, dust resistance type, such as 2626-2006 KP90.

The protective effect of KN95 masks is equivalent to N95 masks in the United States or FFP2 in Europe.

Of course, the most critical role in masks is the melt blown cloth in the middle. Everyone should pay attention to distinguishing when buying masks. Only melt blown cloth in the mask can filter the virus, and the price of melt blown cloth has risen due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. More than ten times, many inferior masks on the market either do not have melt blown cloth, or use fake melt blown cloth instead, or only have a thin layer, which cannot effectively isolate and block the virus. Therefore, melt blown cloth is a manufacturing mask. Core material.

1. Basic structure of KN95 mask

Due to the need for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the production capacity of masks across the country has been accelerated, but in the face of a huge gap, the supply is still in short supply. The reason why the mask can not be manufactured with the mask machine is because of the lack of the core material of the mask: melt blown cloth. In just one month, many companies have switched to producing masks. Although the price of melt blown cloth has increased greatly, the shortage of melt blown cloth across the country is severe. There is not so much melt blown cloth supply market, and now it is stuck in melt blown cloth. On the cloth link. Melt blown cloth is an important material for the production of medical surgical masks and KN95 masks, and is called the "heart" of the mask.

Everyone cuts a regular KN95 mask and you can see that this mask is composed of five layers:

1. The outermost layer is a non-woven fabric with waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to isolate the liquid sprayed by the patient and have the effect of preventing droplets.

2. The second layer is hot-air cotton, which mainly plays the role of heat preservation and heat insulation, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and improves the comfort of the wearer.

3. The third and fourth layers are two layers of melt blown cloth that have been electret treated. High-quality KN95 masks generally use two layers of melt blown cloth weighing more than 25 grams to ensure that bacterial suspended particles can be basically filtered, which is the most important Core layer.

4. The innermost layer is soft and skin-friendly non-woven fabric, which is not allergic to wear and improves the comfort of the wearer.

Second, what is melt blown cloth

Melt blown cloth is a kind of polypropylene with high melt index as a material, a film made of many criss-cross fibers stacked in random directions. The fiber diameter ranges from 0.5 to 10 microns, and the fiber diameter is about 30 minutes of the hair. one. An ordinary medical mask needs about 1g meltblown cloth + 2g spunbond cloth; an N95 mask needs about 3-4g meltblown cloth + 4g spunbond cloth.

3. How to distinguish true and false meltblown masks

Many fake and inferior mask manufacturers take advantage of the loopholes and use extremely low-quality, cheap, and substandard raw materials for profit, and even use fake meltblown cloth. They can make nearly 10 times the profit once they change hands. Some directly omit the most important meltblown cloth filter layer in the middle, and replace it with ordinary non-woven fabric, which does not play a role in filtering viruses, and may also cause harm to the body. So how do you judge whether the sandwich meltblown cloth in the mask you buy is genuine?

It is easy to identify the low-quality KN95 with only three layers. The real KN95 mask must have five layers, with spunbonded non-woven fabric on both sides, hot air cotton in the middle, and two layers of melt blown cloth (medical grade KN95 masks will also use a single layer of 50 grams of filtering effect>99 Grade meltblown cloth). A good meltblown fabric looks white rather than transparent due to its weight, and it looks obviously different from the spunbond non-woven fabric on both sides. To put it bluntly, it looks like paper. If it looks different but obviously thin, it is a meltblown cloth with a small weight. The thinner the meltblown cloth, the worse the effect.

Simple identification method:

First, as the name suggests, the meltblown layer will melt when encountering fire, but will not burn. Paper will burn in fire.
Second, the melt blown layer has static electricity. If you tear the melt blown layer into strips, you will obviously feel the electrostatic adsorption effect, and you can also adsorb strips of the melt blown layer on the stainless steel.If you want to know if the KN95 mask I bought is real, just cut one and have a look!

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